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Trip in Ukrainia

Envoyé par FREDERIC 
Trip in Ukrainia
lundi 20 août 2001 19:14:08
I just come from Ukrainia. It was very wonderfull. I very much appreciate the people ( russian , bielorussian & ukrainian ). I visited KIEB, then I take a train during 20H to Symferopol and then a train to cebactopol. Cebactopol is a wonderfull place to spend holydays. At the frontsea, you can find lot of place to have fun ( PECTOCAN, BAP, dancing...). All the girls are very wonderfull and rather friendly. I left to go by boat to ODECCA ( 6H). The atmosphere is quiet different as in KIEB. ODECCA is a kind of melting pot. It 's a mix of culture.

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