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Everybody is of the opinion that Bush ...

Posted by Andre Delacroix 
Andre Delacroix
Everybody is of the opinion that Bush ...
September 25, 2001 06:48AM

Everybody is of the opinion that Bush is going to put America and its allies on a kind of permanent war footing. The US administration is being repeatedly warned these days of the severe consequences of the possible harsh decisions. Though clear enough the situation is rather delicate as far as the US politics is concerned. For long America has been known as a silent supporter of those who are the most evident sponsors of all kinds of Islamic terrorists. Following their geopolitical objectives the Americans have never put a spoke into Saudi’s wheels who in their turn have been giving an incentive to the Moslem extremists. The American behavior may be explained by the fact that nothing could threaten the US territory directly. At least it was considered so both by the enemies and the friends. Now when the situation has drastically changed for the worse their administration is hurriedly looking for escape. In this connection the America’s attempts to persuade Russians to join the anti-Taliban front, and to ensure Moscow’s direct involvement in the future war with Afganistan look insufficiently considered and disreputable. The seemed unperturbable calm on the part of Russia does not mean that it doesn’t sympathize with America in the sorrow. True is the following. Russia is already involved in the fight. There is more than enough evidence of close connections between Chechen terrorists and those who have committed the recent barbaric acts in the United States. Moreover, realizing the threat of international terrorism Russians have been constantly giving their warnings to Washington. Instead of assisting Moscow the latter went as far as…maintaining semi-official contacts with Chechen terrorists, and organizing “human rights” campaigns, in fact, rendering an invaluable service to Chechen and other terrorists. Nothing to say about Taliban which appeared owing to the fact of American political and military support, and was intended to be used as additional means in opposing Russians. Those Russians whom they are pledging for help now. Isn’t it funny? Not so much. Rather sad and shameful for America, especially now, when the US “kindness” has been properly “repaid” by the dregs. It looks odd but when America has been “enlightened” it urges Russia to fight international terrorism motivating it by the threat of Islamic extremism to Russia’s interests in the Caucasus! As if Moscow has never known about it.
Anyway, one may come to conclusion that Russia’s and America’s points of view have been drawing nearer and nearer. But the Americans must realize that the rapprochement doesn’t mean that Russia would allow to be dictated what to do. The close proximity to the Russian territories of the supposed combat zones in case of American strikes, as well as possible US troops’ location in Central Asia give rise to Russian anxiety. The anti-terrorist activities must be well coordinated and mutually accepted by both states. Otherwise it may turn a bad situation into a worse one.
pierre durand
Re: Everybody is of the opinion that Bush ...
December 12, 2001 08:58PM
God bless America.Down with the facist regime of the Talibans.
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