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territory of lawlessness and despair

Posted by R. Issaev 
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R. Issaev
territory of lawlessness and despair
October 22, 2001 12:35PM
Subject: PW: Chechnya - a territory of lawlessness and despair (R.Isayev)

> October 19th 2001 · Prague Watchdog / Ruslan Isayev
> Chechnya - a territory of lawlessness and despair
> Ruslan Isayev, North Caucasus - People in Chechnya, especially those
> living in the foothills and mountains, claim that their living
> conditions have recently become desperate. People are not only scared to
> go to their fields or woods to pick brushwood but also hardly leave
> their houses at all as Russian soldiers and other military forces
> gratuitously detain people right on the streets. The detained often
> disappear without any trace or are found dead along roads and around
> villages.
> A few days ago, Russian soldiers detained two brothers, Nokha and Bislan
> Zukhairayev, in the village of Serzhen-Yurt, southeast of the capital
> Grozny. About two hundred villagers came to the district military
> commandment in Shali to ask for immediate release of both men. The
> commander promised to see to the matter but did not free anyone.
> On October 1, Russian servicemen attacked Khamzat (20) and Imran (25)
> Bolatkhanov near the Betti-Mokhk settlement in eastern Chechnya. An
> eyewitness of the attack reported that the soldiers have beaten the
> youths up and dragged them to the neighbouring woods. On the next day,
> the bodies of both young men, bearing traces of torture (cut ears,
> crushed arms and legs, numerous cuts and incisions), were discovered
> near the place of their detention. A few days after the bodies had been
> buried, representatives of the local commandment and military attorney
> arrived at the place, exhumed the bodies and promised to "investigate
> the case and punish the perpetrators of the crime." No reports
> concerning the results of the investigation have been released.
> On October 5, federal soldiers detained schoolboy Ibragim Abubakarov
> during one of the "mopping-up" operations in the village of Dubay-Yurt,
> southeast of Grozny. The boy's relatives claim soldiers coming to their
> house fobbed drugs in the yard. Except Ibragim, all the detained
> villagers have already been freed. Nobody knows what has happened to the
> boy.
> In the district town Sali, southeast of Grozny, Russian servicemen
> killed Ramnat Usmanova (35), a pregnant mother of four children. When
> Usmanova was being transported to a maternity hospital, the car was
> stopped at a checkpoint where Russian soldiers checked documents and
> then allowed the driver to proceed. But when the car was about one
> hundred meters away from the checkpoint, the soldiers suddenly started
> to fire against it, which claimed the life of the pregnant woman.
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